We are trying to make an innovation. a brand-new interactive method makes physical activities much more amusing and attract more participation and devotion. we hope to use technology to break physical boundaries of stadiums and extend infinite opportunities.





We are trying to season the running. more participants can grow up to be real runners after a novel running experience by one. the light leads the pace as a real professional coach besides. make you every step stable and fast and run!





Combination of marvelous light effect and live music achieves an immersive physical experience.





??????Multi-sensor information fusion constantly monitors users' physiological data in case of sudden danger.





?????? Machine vision records and tracks users' movements and restores vivid athletic performance for further analysis.



Big Data


??????After the integration of big data, a unqiue promotion and sports plan will be tailored according to the past data.



Shanghai New Putuo Primary School


Cosco Experimental School


Shanghai Jingan Education
College Affiliated School


The Middle School Affiliated To Putuo
Education Institute Of Shanghai

????User's Opinion


After using mcloud's intelligent sports products,it does enrich our teachers' teaching methods and our children are more devoted themselves to sports classes.


more advanced technology products need to be introduced into our p.e lessons in this information era. a better and detailed understanding of children's performance can be archieved ,which cannot be captured in the past.


with the smart runway, our students can also be taught the professional running plan and speed in the absence of coach.

????About Us


Mcloud is committed to applying cutting-edge science and technology to sports,so that every action of users can be followed, every achievement is worth recording, and every experience is a new attempt.
We try to integrate all kinds of new technologies into all kinds of sports occasions, daily training teaching training, or sports entertainment, to give sports a new interpretation. together, break the boundaries of movement.


??? CEO

?????????????????,Smg???????????????????????vp,??????????????,????????????? Smg????,??????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????

served as the business manager and vice president of smg enjoyoung media,dragon tv, uus. she has been involved in the mixed modification of uus and worked for viacom media group, set up and led the team to innovate marketing in various economic environments for many times and successfully led the industry, cross-border sports, entertainment and fashion, with rich experience in integrating resources and team management.


????? COO

?????? ??smg??????????????,???????????,?????????????,????????????????????????????,???????????????????,??????????????

served as senior business director of advertising operation center of smg group, deputy director of marketing department of otv-media, director of central ground advertising department of dragon tv, director of advertising department of uus. with more than 15 years of marketing and sales management experience, she has led the team to complete the business construction tasks from zero to one for many times. she has strong executive ability as well.


????? CSO


?????? A well-known international investor, he has served as a partner of morgan kerry capital management (asia) co., ltd., a senior consultant of cdh investment group's international investment business, a managing director of stanford university fund management company, and a technical director of p&g procter & gamble's global new risk department. then create his own investment company.


????? CTO

?????? ????????????????????????????,?????????,?????????????2006??????????????,?????????????????????,??????????2014?????????????????????????,????????,??????????

?????? Major in computer science and international finance, Fudan University. Responsible for the company's strategic planning, new product development, technology research and development and market development. In 2006, he founded Taige Information Technology Co., Ltd., Public Opinion Research Laboratory of Fudan University and China public opinion network, with nearly 100 intellectual property rights. Since 2014, he has started to develop natural language processing technology solutions for the financial field, and jointly founded Boer finance and general intelligent technology company.

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??????4???springboot?Spring Cloud?Springmvc?Hibernate?Netty??????;


Back-End Engineer

Job Description:

1. Responsible For The Development Of Enterprise Application Software Products, SDN Network Platform, Network Equipment Cluster Management System, AI Application, Distributed Computing Platform Under Large-Scale Data Environment And Other Systems;

2. Be Responsible For The Design And Deployment Of Cloud Systems, Providing Reliable Cloud Services, And Continuously Optimizing Functions To Improve Quality, Experience And Performance;

3. Participate In Technical Review Of Important Projects And Modules, And Participate In Code Review;

4. Participate In Technology Pre Research, Put New Technology Into Products And Share Technology

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor Degree Or Above, Major In Computer, Software Engineering, Etc., With More Than 3 Years Of Relevant Working Experience;

2. Familiar With Java Development, JVM, Multithreading, Socket Programming, Nio And Other Technologies, Familiar With Common Data Structures And Design Patterns;

??????3. Be Familiar With One Or More Mysql, Mongodb, Redis, Cassandra, Kairosdb Databases, And Have Certain Database Design And Optimization Capabilities And Experience;

4. Be Familiar With Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Netty And Other Frameworks Or Technologies;

5. Standardized Coding Habits, Strong Document Output Ability, Good Team Cooperation And Communication Ability, Willing To Share And Communicate.













Front-End Engineer

Job Description:

1. Participate In The Technical Scheme Design / Reconstruction And Development Of Core Services Of The Company's Internet Products, And Continuously Optimize The System Architecture;

2. Responsible For The Development And Maintenance Of Web Application Products And Mobile Application Products Background Core Modules

3. Code Review, Guide And Train Junior And Intermediate Engineers, And Improve Team Technical Level And Working Ability;

4. Actively Participate In The Research And Application Of Work-Related Technologies;

5. Responsible For Writing Development Related Documents, Such As Various Design Documents And Troubleshooting Guide, Etc.

Job Requirements:

??????1. Proficient In Computers, And Have More Than 3 Years Of Experience In The Development Of Large-Scale Java Internet Applications;

2. Have A Solid Foundation In Java, Understand IO, Multithreading, Collection And Other Basic Frameworks, And Have A Certain Understanding Of JVM Principles;

??????3. Have The Development Experience Of Distributed System, Practical Experience And Optimization Experience Of High Concurrency And Large Data Volume Business Processing;

??????4. Familiar With Common Network Communication Protocols, Such As: TCP / IP, HTTP, RS485; Familiar With Network Programming, Multi-Threaded Programming Technology, Pay Attention To Details, And Be Familiar With Performance

??????5. Be Familiar With All Kinds Of Web Front-End Development Technologies And Construction Tools, And Master HTML5, CSS3 And JS Development Technologies;

6. Have A Solid Javascript Foundation, Master Vue Skillfully, And Have A Certain Understanding Of Front-End Performance And User Experience.